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Dr. Matthew Lee Smith,
The University of Georgia
AAHB Fellow Class of 2014!

New Members and Member Updates!

Since April 2014

Jennifer Unger, PhD
University of Southern California
Full to FELLOW Status

Kim Dauner, PhD

University of Minnesota Duluth

Mallory Cases, PhD
niversity of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Raheem Paxton, PhD
UNT Health Science Center

Annie Nguyen, PhD
University of California, Irvine

Hsien-Chang Lin, ,PhD
Indiana University
(Affiliate to Full Member)

Matthew Lee Smith, PhD
The University of Georgia
College of Public Health
(Full to FELLOW Status)

Joanne Sommers, Executive Director 
17 Indian Creek Drive
Rudolph,  OH  43462
Phone: (419) 760-6020

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